Find “Noah” In Me

The Rock of Central Florida   -  

“Noah was a just man, perfect in his generations. Noah walked with God.” Genesis 6:9

As you start your day today, consider Noah. Yahweh could confide in Noah. He could trust Noah. Noah walked with Yahweh when the rest of life on earth made their sin greater than Him. When everyone else put their sin before Him, Yahweh found a safe place for righteousness in Noah. Because of that, Yahweh gave Noah the blueprint.

May it be said of us that Yahweh can find a safe place for righteousness in us! When the rest of the world worships creation, may we be found in covenant with the Creator! It is a choice that every person has to make. I hope that you choose to be a just man (gender neutral), perfect (mature) in your generation, and walk with Yahweh all the days of your life! Yahweh, may you find “Noah” in me!