The Ambassador

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Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God. 2 Corinthians 5:20

Ambassador: A person set as chief representative (on behalf of the kingdom of Yahweh)

In Greek the word for ambassador is presbeuo and it means to be the elder, or in our language, mature. An ambassador is sent or chosen, and the responsibility is greater, increased.

To be an ambassador for Christ is a high calling, a weighty responsibility, and not to be taken lightly. When a United States ambassador is sent to another country the nation is considered ‘there’. In other words, it will be said that the U.S. has come, they are there, represented. That one person, the ambassador, is representing the entire nation of America and has authority given by the head of our nation. Any decision or action made by that one person is considered to be an action or decision made by the United States of America in that place.

Take a moment and consider some of the places we are sent. What just came to mind? Corporations, nations, dignitaries, heads of state, presidents, and kings? Yes! In your place of employment, at the grocery store, in the classroom, in your home, on the field? Also yes! To be an ambassador for Christ means to represent the kingdom of God wherever we are, in whatever we do. His words are our words, we are the hands and feet, and we demonstrate the intimate relationship with the Father that is available as we build relationship with those we are sent to. We are the representation of the coming of the kingdom where we are, where we go. We are being trusted in this earth so that all of humanity may be reconciled into relationship with the heavenly Father. We are chosen and assigned to the place to which we are sent.

What will we do with the assignment given? Will we do it only when convenient or when we feel like it? Will we represent Him only when seen or in the unseen as well?

We are called to be active participants in building the kingdom and a valuable part of the expansion. My encouragement today is that we see the opportunity to represent the kingdom not only in word but in action. The kingdom of Yahweh God is coming, and it has come through us.