Receive Him

The Rock of Central Florida   -  

Jesus said; “ The time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.” Mark 1:15 

What does it mean to you when you see this scripture? Were you taught that the “Second Coming” was near, or that you need to get “right” or get “left”? Do you believe that Christ Himself was sent to the earth to scare us into Heaven? I’ve known people who thought this way about the Kingdom, and that it’s for another time when we are finished wandering the earth.
Quite simply, all of these religious teachings are a way of being distracted from the truth of what Christ brought to us. The Kingdom of God is right here for you, right now. When you understand that the “time” reference is about the complete work of Christ so that we, as believers, can fulfill our purpose ON the earth now, not when we leave the planet. The time is the moment you are in, in this day.
Today, reflect on your purpose, and position yourself to be a demonstration of His work being fulfilled in you. Remember, it’s not just believing in Him, it’s RECEIVING Him. Go in peace and the power He gave you as a Son!