It Won’t Be Lost On Me

The Rock of Central Florida   -  

If you are a parent, you know that unsolicited advice comes with the territory. If you are not a parent, you are probably one of the people that gives unsolicited advice! You have to laugh! We’re honest here.

The most common statements said to me are along the lines of, “You will regret rocking your baby to sleep every night when you have another baby!” or “You will regret letting your baby have that pacifier for so long.” Or “You will regret letting your baby sleep with you! That’s a bad habit!” At first other people’s opinions would push me into this feeling of guilt. Their comments made me feel as though I was harming my child. For a while I let it get in my head. “I really need to stop doing this,” I would think as I rocked my baby and sang songs and prayed. “I really should just let my baby cry because that pacifier is a bad habit.”

Recently Holy Spirit prompted me not to miss the moment. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says and it definitely does not matter how anyone else thinks I should raise my children. Yahweh gave my children to me because He knew I would be the perfect Mother for them. They were assigned to me!

What’s your point? I am talking about motherhood because motherhood is one of my ministries. How I do things for and with my children ministers to Yahweh. Today I want to tell you this – don’t worry about how anyone else is worshipping Yahweh with what they were given – with their ministry. You worship Yahweh the way you feel will minister to Him. Don’t let what He gave YOU be lost on you because someone else’s opinion became more important. Don’t fumble what He put in your hands. Lift it up to Him the way you are led to. With or without a pacifier, rocked to sleep or not, cosleeping or in a crib, you minister to Him your way and don’t let it be lost on you.

And to the people who give unsolicited advice, I encourage you to consider your own ministry before telling someone else how to present their worship to Yahweh.